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Corporate Culture Expert | CEO | Keynote Speaker | Author
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Larry R. Olsen is an expert in the field of performance driven neurology and leads his field in leadership development, world class cultures and accelerated performance.

His mesmerizing keynotes take audiences beyond what they currently thought was possible. The results of his leadership and culture consultations are as unlimited as the human imagination itself.

He believes that success is not the size of the company’s vision but the size of the vision within each associate which creates engaged, fun and sustainable organizations. The success of his diverse client list speaks volumes to the power of vision like Pepsi, Starbucks, State Farm, Toyota, EPA, Harley-Davidson, YMCA, Akron University Men’s Soccer, Tropicana, Honda, Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as many startups and small businesses.

What makes Larry unique and so easy to partner with has a lot to do with his childhood experience of being the sole sibling of a mentally delayed sister. Wanting to know the why behind her circumstance led Larry on his quest; why are some successful and others not? Where does success come from? And how can you make it a habit, not an accident? Larry’s answers to those questions came by researching and studying psychology and neuroscience for over 40 years, extracting the secrets to long lasting change and personal excellence. 

As an executive leadership coach and mentor, Larry Olsen’s knowledge and experience of mindset, drives the understanding of how we can all accelerate performance, make permanent changes to our lives and culture, while generating immediate, tangible, and measurable results.

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