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"Anyone who says, 'don't let success go to your head,' has yet to know where it comes from." - Larry Olsen

unleash exponential performance

optimizing outstanding leadership

creating cultures where all succeed




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Larry R. Olsen is an expert in the field of performance driven neurology and leads his field in leadership development, world class cultures and accelerated performance.

He believes that success is not the size of the company’s vision but the size of the vision within each associate which creates engaged, fun, and sustainable organizations.

As an executive leadership coach and mentor, Larry Olsen’s knowledge and experience of mindset, drives the understanding of how we can all accelerate performance, make permanent changes to our lives and culture, while generating immediate, tangible, and measurable results.

He lives by VISION... revealing the path from impossible to possible. 

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Senior VP,
Pepsi Co.

"It has paid huge dividends to really understand how the mind works . . . to create the attitude of can do. Larry created that in an hour!"

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Caleb Porter,
Head Coach, Columbia Crew MSL

“Larry changed my life. Everything you say matters. Your presence matters.  And if you’re not aware of that, you’re not going to be a good leader.”

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Toyota Motor Sales 

"Unexpectedly, our associates used the skills and techniques Larry shared in their personal lives. The benefit we reaped from engaged associates is something that cannot be quantified.”



Author of many publications and a best selling book. Find his latest book here. Get a Vision & Live It. 

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The Mindset Playbook is now heard in 36 countries, showcasing thought-leaders and enlightened business mentors from all over the world. The podcast serves high achievers looking to break through the mental barriers currently holding them back.


Introducing...Mindset Playbooks' new series 

Look out for my latest project The Great Automotive Experience will be hitting streaming platforms soon. I will be blending my over 25 years of automotive experience with seasoned owners and automotive executives, on the tools and techniques that go on behind the scenes creating engaged associates, increased profitability, and the ultimate customer experience.

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